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Mentor Programme

We all know the jump from college to university is tough. The BioSoc Mentor Programme was set up with the intent for older students to assist younger peers with their academic studies. This scheme has been extremely well-received by both Mentors and Mentees, and is endorsed by SLS.

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Why get a Mentor?

Having a Mentor is like having an older (and wiser!) sibling at University - they're there for you when you're struggling, and can explain things in an alternative way to a lecturer. As someone who has done the same modules and may have faced the same struggles as you, Mentors have a unique perspective and can be your port of call if you don't know who to go to with a question, or if you don't want to wait a few days for a response in an email from a lecturer!

Why become a Mentor?

Not only is being a Mentor a great addition to your CV, and is also a HEAR-accredited role, but it is a chance for you to impart wisdom to other students that you wish you'd known in your younger years! It's a great way to build your confidence, coaching skills, time-management, and many other great skills that are sought after by employers.

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