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Previous BioTalks

BioSoc holds regular academic talks throughout the year covering a range of topics - there's everything for everyone!  Check out our previous talks from 23/24 - most notably, our first ever Life Sciences Conference! 

Academic Talks - Love the Oceans with Francesca Trotman.png

Love the Oceans

By Francesca Trotman,

Founder of Love the Oceans

In this talk, Francesca Trotman, founder of Love the Ocean, explored marine biology and the crucial conservation efforts facilitated by Love The Oceans, a grassroots marine conservation charity dedicated to preserving the marine ecosystem of Jangamo Bay, Mozambique. 

Wed, 17th January from 2-3 PM at OC0.03 

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 10.49.51.png

By Dr Nicole Wheeler, University of Birmingham

What biological threats might emerge? What can be done to address these risks? In this talk, Dr. Nicole Wheeler discussed her research on biosecurity, including approaches to detection and prevention of emerging pandemics.

Wed, 31 January from 5:30 PM at MS.01

Biosoc x Effective Altruism Talk: BioSecurity: Opportunities and Challenge

Psychedelics Talk IG.png

From Taboo to Treatment: Psychedelics & The Policies of Mental Health

By Professor David Nutt 

This was a thought-provoking talk in collaboration with Drug Science, delivered by ‘The Godfather of Neuropharmacology’ Professor David Nutt who will explore the profound benefits of psychedelics in the realms of mental health and the shortcomings of current drug policy 💊🧠

Wed, 17th January from 2-3 PM at OC0.03 

Life Sciences Conference

Swipe to learn more about BioSoc's first Life Sciences conference hosted in Oct 2023!

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