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Freshers Sign-ups

If you're looking for a way to meet other freshers in Life Sciences and want to make the most of your first year, sign up now to join a BioFamily!


In the BioFamilies system, BioSoc aims to help you settle into university life by matching you with other freshers who share similar preferences. Each BioFamily will have 2 older BioParents who will pass on their wisdom and guide you throughout a bunch of social activities. Whether you prefer a casual game night or to drink and party, there is always a place for you in a BioFamily!

If you're looking for support throughout your studies, and the top tips and tricks from previous high-achieving students, sign up now for a Mentor!


Your BioSoc Mentor is trained and equipped to give you the best guidance during your first year. Typically, a mentor will have 2-3 mentees maximum, ensuring you have develop a close friendship and personalised advice. Your Mentor is responsible for helping you to achieve your potential in your first year studies, as well as guiding you pastorally so that you settle in well to University life!

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