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Request a Mentor

Request an academic Mentor with us to help you adjust academically to university!

Terms and Conditions of Receiving a Mentor 

These include but are not limited to:

  • Mentors volunteer their time to help a mentee and so any time spent working with a mentor should be acceptable to both parties.

  • In the case of a mentee wishing to contact a mentor, this must be done within reasonable working hours (10am-6pm) unless otherwise stated by and agreed upon with a mentor.

  • Harassment, abuse in any form, attempts to intimidate a mentor, requesting mentors complete work on your behalf or any type of collusion is prohibited and unacceptable.

  • Should a mentor see fit, a mentee may be removed from the mentoring programme should adequate evidence be provided.

  • If these Terms and Conditions of Receiving a Mentor are broken in any way, Warwick BioSoc reserves the right to appropriately warn, reprimand, remove, or ban mentees from the programme - both as a future mentee or potential mentors.

  • These Terms also give Warwick BioSoc President, Co-Vice President of Academics, and Head of Mentoring power to intervene in any situation deemed unsatisfactory, inappropriate, or dangerous within the mentoring programme.

  • Any rulings made by Warwick BioSoc regarding infringement of the Terms are final and cannot be appealed.

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