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Become a BioParent

Run a Biofamily and support Freshers in adjusting to student life in their first year!

Sign-ups open now!

What is expected of a BioParent?

  • Being a friendly and helpful person

  • Must be 2nd year+

  • Help Freshers make friends in your BioFamily

  • Support your BioFamily during Term 1 as they adjust to life at university

  • Direct them to wellbeing and pastoral support available from BioSoc, SLS and the University if needed

  • Take part in BioFamily socials during Term 1

What do I gain as a BioParent?

  • Instant new friends!

  • Direct support from BioSoc exec and other BioParents in a dedicated chat

  • Lots of extra socials (sober and drinking) with your BioFamily throughout Term 1

  • Ability to share your experiences of your first year at Warwick

  • Volunteering experience with BioSoc that looks great on your CV!

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