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Career Sessions

Develop the skills employers are looking for in applications and interviews!

Making your CV more appealing is the first step of many in boosting your employability - as such, it is important you have skills to showcase! Good grades aren't the only thing employers look for...

Check out the resources available within the department or the university's career services

Learn the best way to get your dream career in these sessions:

Careers in Conservation - Webinar with Operation Wallacea

Mon 23rd Jan, 6pm. Sign up here!​ Or click here for more webinars

This webinar will feature top tips and advice on starting a career in wildlife conservation as well as a Q&A session with panellists from a wide range of conservation backgrounds, sharing how they got to where they are today. 

Operation Wallacea is a biodiversity and climate research organisation holding free webinars for students. These webinars will highlight opportunities to gain more field work experience and how to join their ecological research and conservation expeditions. Their conservation volunteers have worked to describe 60 new species, publish over 600 academic papers in peer-reviewed journals, has been featured on BBC news and has been used to create 6 protected areas and national parks! If you're interested in sustainable wildlife conservation, learning survey techniques or even learning how to scuba dive, you'll definitely want to attend!

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