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Become a Mentor

Applications are currently closed for 22/23, but will re-open in Term 3 for 23/24. If successful, you will be contacted by the Mentor Coordinator with instructions and training materials, and paired up with suitable Mentees.

What is expected of a Mentor?

  • Being a good listener and have good communication skills

  • Maintain confidentiality where this has been requested (unless there is a risk of physical harm to someone)

  • Be able to answer questions about your studies, or direct someone to the person/resources to find the answer

  • Attend a Mentor-Mentee Meet up at the start of Term 1

  • Attend at least 1 BioCafe or Study Session a Term

What do I gain as a Mentor?

  • An opportunity to develop skills sought after by employers (e.g., Time-management, leadership, coaching, etc)

  • A support network of fellow Mentors and the ability to work behind the scenes in BioSoc

  • A HEAR-accredited role to showcase on your CV and LinkedIn

  • Possibly a new friend!

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