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Understanding Wellbeing

An IATL Module

Elena Riva is an Associate Professor and IATL Director of Studies, and Wiki Jeglinska is a Warwick postgraduate and IATL Co-Creator Officer.


Watch our interview below with Elena and Wiki where they explained how they were initially inspired to develop their module by the successful IATL module 'Understanding Wellbeing Theory and Practice' and how this new release, in its online format, will broaden reach and enhance inclusivity. 

What is the "Understanding Wellbeing" IATL module?

This module focuses on enriching the support for staff and students to understand wellbeing. Drawing on the wide abundance of research and literature emerging on wellbeing, the module teaches a more holistic approach to managing a work-life balance and tools to better personal wellbeing.

The module is extremely flexible, allowing you to follow along at any time of the day, whether you're at your desk, or out and about. Students can enrol at any time and complete the module at their own pace.

The module can be easily incorporated into your daily life due to its podcast-like format, with 20-30 minute episodes. Assessment and self-reflection take the form of quizzes, though students are welcome to express themselves how they like, from full-blown essays to bullet point answers.

The content is truly interdisciplinary, looking not just at wellbeing in practice but also at the economics and the philosophy that underpins it. With two ex-SLS students, Skyla White and Chioma Nwafor, among the co-creators and playing a role in preparing this module and Leanne Williams among the experts contributors, we are confident that this module will be of particular interest to SLS students.

This module is HEAR-accredited and is available now by clicking here or finding the 'Understanding Wellbeing' module on Moodle.

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