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Harry Douglas - E-Sports officer

I love conservation, and would like to go into a career helping to protect endangered species.


Prajin Banawalikar - E-Sports officer

Hi, I'm Prajin. I am Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry student who is intrested in pharmaceuticals. A fun fact about me is that I have started to do Astrophotography which involves taking pictures of Deep Sky Objects at night and I also love gaming.

Our plans for BioSoc

- Harry wants to help get e-sports off the ground and hopefully have some tournaments running soon for people to take part in.

- Praj's plan is to create a space where people can come together and play games to relax and enjoy themselves. He will be creating events such as tournaments for both casual and competitive play with a chance to win some prizes. He will also be streaming games and hosting chairty events along with others on BioSoc Esports Twitch channel.

Want to get in touch?

You can email or for any gaming queries about BioSoc!

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