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Become a BioParent and help Freshers make friends and adjust to life at University. This is a great way to instantly make friends, and is a fun way of volunteering with BioSoc which will also look great on your CV! The best part about being a BioParent are the exciting Family Socials we are planning for Term 1! This role is perfect for you if you want to volunteer but are concerned about the workload around exam season as the scheme mainly focuses around Term 1 socials.

No experience necessary - you only need to be friendly!

The BioSoc Mentoring programme is a HEAR-accredited scheme which is directly supported and recognised by SLS. Guide Freshers to where they can get academic support, help out at BioCafe and make a friend along the way! If your application is successful, you'll be matched with 1-3 Mentees and will get training on Mentoring and Coaching skills that will look fantastic on your CV! You don't have to worry about knowing all the answers to all the questions - you'll be trained on where to direct Freshers for questions you might be unsure of.

Experience not necessary but doesn't hurt to tell us!

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