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Warwick School of Life Sciences

The University of Warwick School of Life Sciences (also known as Warwick SLS) is an avid supporter and sponsor of our society. The School of Life Sciences is a cohesive, enthusiastic community producing world-class, high-impact bioscience research and teaching within an open, friendly, inclusive and highly collaborative environment.

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Our work together

We work very closely with the department and Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) to organise events tailored to our members, and the wider community of Life Sciences students at Warwick. SLS supports and promotes BioSoc's events, and provides guidance to our exec team and members. SSLC provides us with feedback from life sciences students that we act on to improve our society!

Opportunities in the department

There are many opportunities to get involved with SLS directly:

  • Become a Mentor - this volunteer programme is run in conjunction with BioSoc and SLS, and is a HEAR accredited role. Not only will this look great on your CV, but you will develop skills such as time management, mentoring/coaching, and more. Applications for this programme are usually at the start of Term 1 (and at the end of Term 3 for the following academic year).

  • Become an SLS ambassador - SLS run an Ambassador scheme where students are employed by the department to help run tours and stalls on Open Days. As an ambassador you will receive training and be paid an hourly wage for events. This is a great opportunity to help encourage prospective students to come to Warwick and to showcase your department! Information about applications is usually sent out in emails to students by SLS in Term 1.

  • Undegraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) - students can apply to do a summer research project within the department, and may also apply for a bursary to support living expenses and other associated costs for this period. This is a great way to get some research experience in a familiar environment, and get to know more about the work that SLS does.

These are only a few of the opportunities available to our members and SLS students. For more information, check out the Student Opportunity instagram page, or the SLS website.

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